Store settings

Contact settings:

This section lets you configure your store's name, e-mail, and address information.

Display settings:

Here you may adjust the way the main store administration page displays the submenus. There are various options available, so choose the one you like the best. You may also specify which order address to use as the default address in order and customer lists. This is handy for sites that do not capture or use delivery addresses but do capture billing information. In the event that an order has neither address, the username will be used.

Format settings:

Ubercart is flexible in the way it formats currency, weight, unit measurements, and dates so users in any country should be able to customize these displays for their needs.

Census settings:

Ubercart periodically reports to with installation information and optional sales figures. The data collected is anonymous and only used to generate "fun facts" about Ubercart success. This includes statistics like total number of installations, versions being used, and total number of products sold and revenue generated across all Ubercart sites. No site specific sales information or numbers is stored anywhere in our database, and you may disable the features as you desire.

User initials submenu:

When comments or changes are made to an order, the user who made them is logged. By default, this gets displayed as their user id. For ease of use, you may change it to display their initials or name using this form. Simply search for their username and enter a value. We recommend a first and last initial if possible, as it's concise but still easy to identify the salesperson.