UC Node Checkout

UC Node Checkout is a module developed for the Ubercart e-commerce suite that allows your customers to purchase nodes. The module was originally sponsored by Lullabot for use on the Do It With Drupal conference registration site. In addition to event registration, the module facilitates operations like selling listings, classified ads on a site, and other highly customizable products.

The module's strength lies in the fact that the node form is already extensible in so many ways thanks in large measure to CCK. By adding fields to a node type, you can create a highly customized product order form using already existing modules.

UC Node Checkout works by maintaining a relationship between node types on your site and products in your product catalog. For any particular node type, when a user creates a new node of that type and it has an associated product, the product will be added to the user's shopping cart with a reference to the newly created node.

This module is not really meant to be a stand alone module. You will need to do a little bit of custom work on the backend to make sure these nodes are being processed properly upon checkout, but the roadmap includes ways to make this easier moving forward.

Please use this documentation to learn how to use and develop for the node checkout system and report any bugs or other issues in the module's issue tracker.

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