UC Node Checkout 2.x

The module can be configured within the Ubercart store configuration atadmin/store/settings/node-checkout.

The default listing will show all of your content types and allow you to bind a product (or multiple products through the view selector) to each.

Conditional actions

If you're using Conditional Actions, you can access and change values of the node being checked out with the following code snippet:

if (isset($order)) {
  foreach ($order->products as $product) {
    if (isset($product->data['node_checkout_nid'])) {

      $level = $product->data['attributes']['Level'][0];

      $node = node_load($product->data['node_checkout_nid']);
      $node->field_status['0']['value'] = 1;
      $node->field_orderid['0']['value'] = $order->order_id;