Ubercart Addresses

Ubercart Addresses is an extension module for Ubercart. This module adds an address book to the user's profile. The Ubercart order process is altered so that users select delivery and billing addresses from their address book rather than from previous orders.


The 6.x-2.x and 7.x-1.x version contains the following features:
  • Address book: each customer gets one address book, which stores a collection of addresses.
  • Billing/Shipping address enhancements: customers can be mark addresses as the default billing and/or the default shipping address. The address fields at checkout can be filled automatically with these addresses.
  • Address nickname: customers can assign a name to each address and later - at checkout - select an address by name.
  • Address formats: Addresses used by Ubercart Addresses can be formatted by using tokens, rather than the predefined set of variables Ubercart uses.
  • Require an address when registering: you can require customers to provide an address when they register.
  • Fine grained permissions settings: there are permissions for viewing, editing and deleting one's own addresses and permissions for viewing, editing and deleting addresses of other customers.

The site builder's guide to Ubercart Addresses

This is a quick introduction to the module and explains in short all the features that are visible in the user interface.

The developer's guide to Ubercart Addresses

This guide is about the architectural concepts of Ubercart Addresses' API and explains how to interact with this API. This is for you if you want to write an extension module for Ubercart Addresses or if you want to help with improving Ubercart Addresses.