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Module Ubercart Gestpay payment gateway

Ubercart Gestpay lets you add a new payment type in the Store configuration for the BancaSella Merchant. This module is really helpfull for the Italian e-commerce provider as BancaSella is the biggest bank online merchant.

Installation Instructions

  • put the extracted dir uc_gestpay in sites/all/modules/ubercart/contrib/ (or whichever folder you have installed ubercart into)
  • Go to admin/build/modules group "Ubercart - payment" to enable it
  • Go to admin/store/settings/payment/edit/methods to enable it in UC
  • Scroll page down to "Gestpay (Banca Sella - easynolo.it) settings"
  • Enter "Vendor ID number", Enable/Disbale Demo Mode (See the next Section "Obtain a Vendor ID")
  • Choose language, currency and set the checkout messages

Obtain a TEST vendor ID from BancaSella

In this tutorial I will cover only how to obtain a test vendor ID as an official one require obviously a more complex procedure.

Before you need to register an account from BancaSella, go to https://www.sella.it/AuthenticationDelegatedServlet?delegated_service=208 and proceed with the online registration.

After your account will be created, go to the Test Gateway to complete your vendor registration, here fill in the "codice" and "chiave" fields with the one you previously inserted, next you will be asked :

  • if you want basic, advanced or professional account, I suggest pro anyway as it is a free service (do you remember? IS A TEST ACCOUNT, that's why is free)
  • which interface your account will be configured for
  • encryption
  • OTP (one time password)
  • select encryption option
  • click the "prosegui" button
  • select http protocol and PHP script language
  • click the "prosegui" button

You should receive an e-mail with your vendor ID, and your "codice" to the mail registered. Ok you are at a good point.

Now you can go to https://testecomm.sella.it/gestpay/backoffice/logingestpay.asp to login in the Test Backoffice and check all the request through your vendor.

Here in the backoffice you need to set up your technical details:

  • first, enable the IP of your server
  • then you need to tell which URL for OK, KO and server answer as follow:
  • OK / KO url - [mydomain]cart/gestpay/complete
  • server url - [mydomain]cart/gestpay/server

Go to Store administration / Configuration / Payment settings / Payment methods --> gestpay -Bancasella menù and copy the vendor ID, check enable demo mode and the options you might like.

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