Setting Up Ubercart Magazine Subscriptions

This method assigns the customer an expirable role depending on the subscription they purchase and creates a nice dropdown on the magazine product node: Subscription dropdown
  1. In addition to the core Ubercart modules, enable the optional core modules "Product attributes" and "Roles."
  2. In Admin > Store admin > Products > Manage classes, create a new product class called "Magazine1."
  3. In Admin > Store admin > Attributes > Attributes, create a "Magazine1 subscription type" attribute with options for subscription lengths and prices. For instance:
    1-year subscription $25.00
    2-year subscription $45.00
    3-year subscription $60.00
    Sample Issue $6.00
  4. In Admin > User management > Roles, create a role for each subscription length:
    Magazine1 subscriber 1 yr
    Magazine1 subscriber 2 yr
    Magazine1 subscriber 3 yr
  5. In Admin > Create content, create a new magazine1 product node. In the tabs:
    • Attributes: Add the "Magazine1 subscription type" attribute
    • Options: Select the attribute options
    • Adjustments: Add a unique SKU for each option
    • Features: Here's where you'll assign a role to each of the options. For example:
      • SKU: choose the SKU for the 1-year subscription
      • Role: choose "Magazine1 subscriber 1 yr"
      • Expiration: choose "Override the default ending expiration." End "Relative from activiation time." Adjust the time to 1 year
      • Shippable: Yes
      • Multiply by quantity: No