Tax Settings

The Taxes module is integrated with Workflow-ng to provide extreme flexibility in the way tax rules are set up. For each tax rule defined in Ãœbercart, a set of Workflow-ng conditions may be applied to it which control whether the tax is applied to an order.

Define the Tax Rates

Configuring taxes is a two-step process. First the taxes and their rates are defined on the Tax Settings page under Store administration > Configuration. Under the list of taxes is a link to "Make a new tax rule." The form it brings up allows you to specify the name and rate of the tax, as well as the product and line item types it applies to. Because it's possible for taxes to apply to tax amounts, the weights of the tax rules may be important. Taxes are only ever applied to lighter taxes.

Add Workflow Conditions

Once the tax rules are set up, head over to the Workflow-ng page under Site building. Under Active configurations you should see a row for each of the tax rules (plus the configurations from other modules). By clicking on the configuration name you can access the conditions and actions that are evaluated whenever Ãœbercart calculates the taxes. If the conditions return true for an order, the tax in the action is calculated and applied to it. See the Workflow-ng Configuration page for more information.