Ubercart 4.x Road Map

We are opening up a Ubercart 4.x Road Map to start the conversation about what it might look like.

Questions to ask: What is our priorities? What features are a must-have in 2013+ eCommerce? Let the brainstorming begin!

-Merge Order-Edit and Checkout panes into one. (chris oden)

Optional Goals:

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it's a start. We value the communities input on goals we overlooked or the priority order of the goals listed. You (yes you!) can help make these goals into achievements by submitting issues, features, and patches to the issue queue!

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Great, was looking forward to this!

I hope we can still have the configurable products for Ubercart 4.x, (the attribute system). Although flawed, it is really powerfull for people (like me...) with configurable products.

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Keep it simple for end users

One of the key points of difference between Ubercart and Drupal Commerce is the simplicity of creating products on the back end. Ubercart still has many more mature modules than DC, and I will often choose Ubercart over DC if I know my client is not particularly computer savy.

If you do separate products and nodes, lots of work needs to go into making the interface that manages the product and the product display node more user friendly than DC does. I think an interface similar to Drupal's Field Display UI with the "local task" style sub menu could be a good place to take some inspiration.

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Merge Order-Edit & Checkout

Merge Order-Edit and Checkout panes into one.
+1 from me.

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Suggestion Ubercart vs Commerce

I think it is necessary to maintain Ubercart 4 as an addition to Drupal core and not make a profile or distribution, like Commerce.
Commerce is very difficult to implement for front-end developers, because of it's "maintainability" with features and so on. That's also the reason why Ubercart is lean and mean and easy to customize. I suggest to keep the roadmap in the way Drupal 8 is going. (There is mentioned the problem that profiles and distributions are too complicated.)
and also keep the focus on resonsiveness/mobile.
Maybe some new business models as an addition to the current product options.

When something is good and working well, one should not change too much. If you really can improve something it's worth it. My general concern is that Ubercart must not go the same way as Commerce.

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Re: Ubercart 4.x Road Map

There is a discussion of this at https://drupal.org/node/1836900 with some good ideas.

A big thing is to make Ubercart take advantage of the new features of Drupal 8, and the big one where it can do that is with Configuration Management.

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Re: Ubercart 4.x Road Map

I think it would be necessary to have a uc_views module to theme the cart, cart block, checkout progress, checkout panes e.g. like the commerce module (or in a better way Eye-wink.

UC is a great but also light-weight shop system and easy customizable.

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Integration of abandoned modules


I would suggest to get the list of modules minimally mantained, but still popular, and integrate in the Ubercart Core.
As few examples:

- Webform integration
- Pay Later
- Variable Price
- Cart tweaks
- Wishlist
- Cloudzoom


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can we get 3 working first?

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Regarding shipping/packaging

If you are going to keep shipping in core, please allow for extra packages to be added and configured. Specifically, the maximum weight and volume of each package and assign each product a maximum amount that will go into the smallest (or each) package size.

This will make shipping and packaging so much easier, as it essentially makes a volumetric weight for each item automatically.

Currently I am doing this manually on a spreadsheet, meaning each item has a weight adjustment, which is put in as the product weight. The shipping is then calculated off that, and so far is proving very accurate.

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Marketplace would be fantastic

I also see the need for shipping to be redone.

The one thing I would like to see happen is Ubercart being able to handle multiple sellers from one shop (marketplace).

Thank you for your work on making a great web experience.

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Are Current distros of Ubercart Responsive?

I may be missing something, but I cannot find a way to make my ubercart sites responsive.

It looks like just the grid or list setting and once browser reaches small display sizes, products don't scale. With so many shoppers on mobile devices, this would be HUGE for me.

There very well may be a way to do this, and I have overlooked it. If so, please let me know and I will gladly give the Big Thumbs Up that I always have when it come to Ubercart.

Would also like to see a better way to edit/customize checkout panes without having to delve into templates.

Keep up the good work!

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Re: Ubercart 4.x Road Map

If you do separate products and nodes, lots of work needs to go into making the interface that manages the product and the product display node more user friendly than DC does.

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Drupal 8 Ubercart install


Anybody has a working Drupal 8 ubercart shop online ?

Any bug ?

Thank you.

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Drupal 8.1.0 with Ubercart Alpha 4

The module installed successfully but while creating products sometimes it shows error: "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later." in my localhost Bitnami wampstack PHP7

when we can expect Ubercart RC for D8 ?

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2017 and still not available !

Really, we are now in 2017 and Ubercart for Drupal 8 is still not available ? How ridiculous is this...