Remove Blocks to Focus Customers

When customers are browsing your site, you want them to easily find their way around. They should be able to get to the products they want with as little headache as possible. That's part of keeping a customer on your site! Equally important is making sure they don't flake out in checkout. If a customer finds the products they want but then never completes the checkout process, you're hosed.

One way to focus their attention on the checkout process is to remove distracting information and links that lead away from checkout. In a Drupal site, this often looks like removing blocks from the page display. Drupal's block configuration makes it very easy to remove blocks from certain pages on the site. Follow these very simple instructions to restrict a block from appearing on cart pages:

  1. Browse to Administer > Site Building > blocks (admin/build/block).
  2. Click the configure link by the shopping cart block.
  3. Scroll down to the field titled Page specific visibility settings.
  4. Make sure the radio button is selected for Show on every page except the listed pages.
  5. In the text box labeled Pages, list the URLs on which you don't want the block to be displayed. In this case, simply type in there "cart/*" to restrict the view from pages like cart/checkout and cart/review.

There are other settings in the block configruation page, and you're encouraged to use whatever works for your needs!