Making the Sell Price Displayed on Views Themed According to the Configured Ubercart Currency Format

To do this you need uc_views module. Please follow the steps below:

1. Create a new function in uc_views.module:

function uc_views_handler_product_sell_price($fieldinfo, $fielddata, $value, $data) {

2. In function uc_views_views_tables(), under the following lines:

'name' => t('Product: Sell Price')

add the following line:

'handler' => 'uc_views_handler_product_sell_price',

Note that, if you have created a view earlier, you may need to remove the sell price field, save the view and re-add the sell price fields into your view. I've experienced also that it may take sometimes until the changes to take effect, possibly caused by cache. Emptying the cache table may help.

You can see the result here: