Administration Menu

Once you've become familiar with Drupal's and Ãœbercart's administration menu structure, it can become tedious to drill down through a couple of page loads when you only need to load one specific page. The Drupal Administration menu provides a slick CSS-based drop down administration menu. Positioned at the top of every page, you can access any Drupal (or Ãœbercart) administration page from just one click.


After copying the module to your Drupal Installation's module directory. Enable the module at admin/build/modules. After the module is enabled, it should appear at the top of the screen. If it doesn't, check whether the Admin Menu Block is enabled (admin/build/block) in a region that your Drupal theme renders (some themes don't render blocks in the header region) and that your account/role has the "access administration menu" permission enabled. If you would like to modify the menu's CSS to customize it (or fix it for specific theme compatibility) you can create admin_menu.css in your theme directory to override certain CSS rules.

More Information

Read more about the module on