Using Ubercart on Drupal 5 with Other Javascript Modules

Some Drupal 5 modules, like Javascript Aggregator, are not compatible with Ubercart because of our use of the uc_add_js() function to prevent customers' browsers from caching stale JS. This issue was resolved in core for Drupal 6, so we changed Ubercart accordingly. However, for folks having this problem on Drupal 5, you can simply open up uc_store.module, find the function uc_add_js() and uncomment the two lines as directed at the start of that function.

These instructions work as of Ubercart 1.6. If you use this fix, remember to repeat after updates! If you're using an earlier version, simply add these two lines to the top of the function mentioned above:

($data, $type, $scope, $defer, $cache);