Introduction to Ubercart

Ubercart started as a project sponsored by Prima Supply, a Louisville, KY based company that sells commercial restaurant equipment online through its own sites and eBay. The company got its start on an osCommerce installation that became more and more customized over the years. When we got tired of hacking osCommerce and found out just how cool Drupal was, we began investigating the possibility of moving our sites to Drupal. Unfortunately, the e-commerce package just wasn't right for us. While we didn't set out to write our own e-commerce suite from scratch, we decided it would be expedient to do just that and develop a system custom tailored to our needs from the start.

While Ubercart got its start as just a shopping cart system for Drupal, the plan is to integrate the various other systems we currently use for our stores, including eBay for auction listing, QuickBooks, and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Currently, three coders are employed full time fleshing out the core Ubercart code. We would love for other people to find this software useful, so our plan has been to make every aspect of the cart extensible from the get go. We simply can't code for every situation, but we hope to create a developer friendly environment that brings hobbyists, store owners, and consultants on board the Ubercart team.