Ubercart FAQ

The Ubercart FAQ is an attempt to catalog answers to the most frequent or troubling questions that Ubercart users and developers have encountered. If you feel something else should be listed here or would like to help moderate the list, login to post your question or checkout our Issues page for advanced solutions.
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Does Ubercart grant special roles for subscriptions/discounts/special site access? Features
Does Ubercart support selling digital products (e.g. file downloads)? Features
Does Ubercart have <insert your needed functionality here>? Features
Can Ubercart be used to sell access to special content pages? Features
Can Ubercart use HTTPS / SSL to protect user login and checkout? Features
Can I offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount? Features
What does it mean to make a product's attribute "required"? Features
Why does my shopping cart block change when I'm logged out vs. logged in? Features
Can I install Ubercart on a site that used the old Drupal e-commerce package? Installation
I'm trying to install Ubercart but it fails with "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted" Installation
What's the best way to update my Ubercart installation? Installation
Why aren't images showing up? Miscellaneous
How do I enable image support for products? Module configuration
How do I stop Drupal from displaying a blank white screen? Module configuration
How do I configure PayPal IPN? Module configuration
How can I add a "Recommend this product" link to a product page? Module configuration
How can I add product reviews to my store? Module configuration
How can I disable a form field in Ubercart? Module configuration
Why are the quoted shipping costs so large? Module configuration
What should I know before processing credit cards on a shared host? Server configuration
How can I change the name of an address field? Site setup
Why am I getting errors when trying to upload images? Site setup
"How do I change the path to my catalog?" Or "Where did my catalog URL setting go?" Site setup
What is a product feature? Site setup
Why do I need Workflow-ng and how can I use it? Site setup
The catalog's list of products is nice, but I want to change it to do <something else>. Site setup
Why aren't my product nodes showing to users without the administer products role? Site setup
Images on my Product pages are showing up way too small - how can I change the size? Site setup
How do I let my customers download files they've purchased? --or-- Why aren't my customers' roles being updated? Site setup
How do I Uninstall a module? Site setup