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So, with the growth of the project, the forum, and my responsibilities, you might have noticed I'm not reading every post that comes through the site any more. What's great is that I regularly see new people stepping in to handle support requests. Thanks much to all the contributors!

What I have been using is my personal tracker, and I actually assumed it'd work like the d.o personal tracker. Turns out it was only showing things that I posted, though, so I wasn't following along the threads I've been participating in. It was a simple fix, even if I did have to momentarily reacquaint myself with Views 1. Sticking out tongue

So now if you browse to your personal tracker you can see all threads you authored or commented in. Hooray!

The URL is http://www.ubercart.org/tracker/[your-user-id]

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Re: Updated the user tracker to include commented topics

Thanks! This is very helpful.

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Re: Updated the user tracker to include commented topics

bookmarked ... too good