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Wow! I mean.. WOW!! Slowhand

Wow! I mean.. WOW!!

Slowhand himself... looong time personal hero --been hearing Derek's music since the early 70's.


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Re: Congrats Ubercart!

I don't get it... that's not running ubercart. It's an asp based cart.

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just basket

I'm pretty sure it's just that they have a custom basket/cart/checkout that's asp (likely a warner music policy), so they're only using the store and product pages from ubercart. Still very cool, but it sucks that they're skipping out on Ubercart's most powerful stuff Smiling

But in the spirit of enthusiasm: gooooooooOOOOOOO UBERCART!

< /ryan fanboyism >

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tcindie@drupal.org wrote: I
tcindie@drupal.org wrote:

I don't get it... that's not running ubercart. It's an asp based cart.

Yeah, it's an übercart install allright, but the checkout part is run by the central Warner Bros "store farm".

But perhaps it should also be mentioned that almost all of WB's artists run Drupal sites (showcase) - and of them all use Ãœbercart ('cept for the checkout though)...