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I want to apologize to everyone for the issues we had yesterday (Monday Jan. 29th '09) with www.ubercart.org. We attempted to transition www.ubercart.org from Drupal version 5 to 6. Clearly it did not go as planned. We had been testing the new site per our conversation here: http://old.ubercart.org/news/jan-07-2010/ubercart_org_d6_attempt_2 but when we actually went to move over, there were serious permissions errors, so we had to change back to using the original site. At one point yesterday I thought the problems was solved by uninstalling (not just disabling) a development module. At this point, we aren't sure exactly what the problem is with the new site. I'll follow up to this post with more information when I have it. For now, everything (hopefully) back to business as usual using the old site.

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That's a bummer, but is life in the open source lane.

Cool shirt though. Keep the faith

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Liked the idea that it did not take a second click to get to the tracker.