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It's incomprehensible to me that this hasn't been getting played up here, but Packt has released the Ubercart book infowonders announced a while back. I've picked up a few copies to pass out in the Commerce Guys Ubercart training at DrupalCon San Francisco and in my Drupal Commerce session. What I've seen so far is really great, and a lot of community modules and themes get some good coverage inside. I'm hesitant to recommend it, as I haven't given it a thorough read-through, but on a skim I noticed they even correctly instructed users on setting up Product Classes to save clicks on Attributes assignments. I'm guessing it's good.

The book has a specific website here: http://www.drupalubercartbook.com

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Re: Ubercart book published by Packt

Oh ..... I totally missed this. Very nice. And awesome on including tips with products classes - anything to help be more efficient in building and running a site!

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New Link

The book is for Ubercart 2 - and the above link no longer works - but he book is available here: