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Tsuiseki Data Analysis® was developed for the optimisation of websites in the field of price comparison, affiliate marketing and online shopping.
It's primary focus is to determine the quality of the incoming traffic for each website with the highest possible reliability. Secondly it features all abilities of a classic website and traffic analysis tool. Last but not least the focus lay on a silent integration into the website. Which means that the system does not depend on 3rd party cookies or interim pages. All tracking is done via Ajax and therefore does not interfere with the user.
The system has been developed and tested since 2008 and it's features can be considered to be very mature and bug free. One of the key features regarding the quality rating of traffic is the currently possibly most advanced click fraud detection in the world in realtime. Although the detection is very conservative which means that there are bots which are not detected you can be 100 percent sure that each click that the system reports as a bot is a bot.
The name Tsuiseki® is derived from japanese and can be translated as pursuit, tracking or tracing.

Why would you need this?

If you are buying traffic for your website then you can definitely take advantages from using the Tsuiseki Data Analysis® system. You will be able to quickly (Remember the realtime feature we were talking about?) determine the quality of your different traffic sources and may drill down traffic from traffic networks in your analysis to each network partner id. Thus you can buy cheaper traffic that has good quality, reduce your costs and gain more income.
In addition to that you can benefit of the classic analysis features so you won't need to integrate another tracking system into your website to do the regular analysis stuff.

How can I try this?

Just register an account on our website and you'll get your data as soon as we have setup your tracking and analysis database. Refer to our price list for further information.
We provide easy integration into Drupal 6. Just download the module and configure it. More information is available at our website: