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Well, folks. I'm about to head out of the office and make a hastily planned journey across the Atlantic to join in the fun at this year's Drupalcon. I signed up to present three sessions and was surprised to find that all three were given a room and a time slot. So... I've had to spend many waking (and some half wakened) hours preparing session material. I'm posting up here my current session outlines for the sessions in a single .tar. You'll find .odt (OpenOffice documents) and .pdf versions inside.

If you just want a blurb, you can check out the following post in the Drupalcon Womblog:


Check them out and let me know if I left out anything major. If you're attending and want to see something given extra attention, let me know and I'll try to make it happen!


drupalcon_ubercart.tar241.5 KB
drupalcon_ubercart.zip222.86 KB
Hello Ubercart.pdf53.94 KB
Ubercart Development.pdf57.63 KB
Ubercart.org Shop Talk.pdf55.1 KB
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No RSS feed on your personal blog

I was going to add your blog to my RSS reader when I discovered you didn't have that enabled.

Just thought you should know.

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Re: Drupalcon Session Outlines

This is really cool Ryan. I'm glad you guys are promoting übercart in this way Smiling Good luck with the sessions!

Best regards,
Thomas Kulvik
Ny Media AS

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Re: Re: Drupalcon Session Outlines

Hmm... not sure how to enable per-blog RSS feeds just yet. Eye-wink This one works for a general blog feed, though, and for now all the "womblogs" are just me anyways:


And thanks, Kulvik. I met a guy from Norway this evening on the subway back to the apartment... said he'd heard of you guys and seemed to be appropriately in awe of your awesomeness. Laughing out loud (Well, at least he'd heard of you and knew you were the Drupal shop for Norwegian sites/stores.) Don't worry, I'll try to instill some amount of awe in the folks in the sessions when I demo your stuff.

(EDIT: Just posted Day One with session notes and pictures. Smiling )