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Getting busy with the Ubercode.
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Re: Who is the target Audience?

I agree with Andy that I believe the tag line should try to convince a non-drupal user (Boss, Small Business, Personal Business) to use Ubercart. They're looking for Ease, Flexibility, Buzz Words and cool. I would like to create a tag line which is forward thinking, and should nail down where we think eCommerce is going.

I like the words we have in starting with C....so I'll list some.


  • Connecting content, commerce and your customers.
  • Converting content with commerce to customers.
  • Creating customers with content and commerce.
  • Creating capital with content and commerce.
  • Creating customers and community with commerce.
  • Combining customers and community with commerce.

I could go on and on and on.

I personally prefer the idea of Ubercart assisting in creating community, not only commerce as a value added feature. With Social Networks being all the craze, boss type people will enjoy the added bonus of creating a community around their commerce because they know it's a good marketing tool. I believe the word community addresses how Ubercart leverages Drupal, which also uses community in it's tag line.

I would like to add "Flexible" and "Clean Code" some how into the tag line as well. Here's my last shot at it:

Combining customers and community with extensible e-commerce.

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Re: Ubercart Tag Line "One cart to rule them all..."

Personally, I think 'one cart to rule them all' is a great tagline. No need to change it IMHO.

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I like one cart to rule them all

I am new to Ubercart. I am currently working on my first store using the software. I agree with Karsetn29. I like "One cart to rule them all". I think that is brash an funny at the same time--which is hard to do.

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Re: I like one cart to rule them all

Ãœbercart: content meets commerce

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Super Charging Software

Personally I love "One cart to rule them all" and would be upset to see it disappear.

Of the suggestions "Connected commerce" is a clear winner in my estimation, but from discussion above is obviously not the way to go.

I thought I'd look up the meanings of the word Ãœber - See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%9Cber

I read this in the "Current Popular Culture" section: During the 2000s, über also became known as a synonym for super due to gamers' excessively using the word incorrectly; for example, in the game Team Fortress 2, the medigun's über-charge literally means "super charged," and in the game SSX Tricky, a tricky move is also known as an uber trick.

How about:

Ubercart - Super-Charged Software
Ubercart - Super-Charging Software

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Perhaps the tagline change might trigger a complete re-branding, inspired by smb488292 above,


If you want to be better than the others, break out of the shopping cart metaphor entirely and turn this into a proper order processing system that an enterprise can use. It will still be able to do "shopping cart", but it won't be limited to that.

Leading up to:

Ubercharge - Much more than a shopping cart

I can see a whole lot of work being created for the team if this suggestion is adopted. Smiling

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Re: Ubercharge

Personally I like the "One cart to rule..." slogan (Frodo lives! btw), but I wouldn't use it--it doesn't show originality. You might as well say, "Ubercart. Just do it." Or "Got Ubercart?" While possibly catchy, they're not very original--you're only building on the work of others. For a product as great as ubercart is shaping up to be, I'm not sure that's the message or implication I'd want to deliver.

The "One (insert appropriate name here) to rule them..." slogan has been somewhat popular since the late 50's--early 60's when the books became popular. You might even find that it's copyrighted or is otherwise owned by the studios that made the Rings movies. As an inside joke it's great--like a secret handshake--but to the real world, like the secret handshake, it isn't going to be taken too seriously.

The comments about now being a good time to consider rebranding are on track. A lot of work, yes. But what worthwhile project isn't?


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Re: Re: Ubercharge

Just leave it..its awesome as it is.

Got all of us interested in the cart.. if it aint broke...

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Re: Re: Re: Ubercharge

1. UMS - Uber Mannaged Security
2. Cart the World
3. Uniquely Boosts E-commerce Rapidly Connected And Ready Tarball (UBERCART)

I know its a year , and discussion dies down , just got these names in my mind

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Re: Ubercart Tag Line "One cart to rule them all..."

Ubercart: E-Commerce Empowered
Ubercart: Commerce Empowered
Ubercart: Empower Commerce
Ubercart: Empower E-Commerce
Ubercart: Empowering E-Commerce
Ubercart: Empowering Commerce
Ubercart: Doorway to Commerce
Ubercart: Doorway to E-Commerce
Ubercart: Window to Commerce
Ubercart: Window to E-Commerce
Ubercart: Gateway to E-Commerce
Ubercart: Gateway to Commerce
Ubercart: We are Commerce
Ubercart: We are E-Commerce
Ubercart: Dynamic Commerce
Ubercart: Dynamic E-Commerce
Ubercart: Everyday Commerce
Ubercart: Everyday E-Commerce
Ubercart: Step Up To Commerce.

Ubercart: That's some Dank sh$^%*! Smiling

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Re: Ubercart Tag Line "One cart to rule them all..."

don't change! the tag line you have now is perfect!

it gives re-assurance to new users:
- it says "Ubercart is here to stay"
- and also "Ubercart has all you need" (if not now then soon - otherwise it cannot rule all carts)
- it says "Ubercart has a big community and vested interests behind"

well I didn't know this tag line was a joke initially.. but when I read it I decided to go with Ubercart for our shop. I'm convinced the way it is now it helps to grow the community!

P.S. having many suggestions here doesn't mean all people here would like to change it - they just try to help and some would fancy the "I came up with the new tag line." if you feel like continuing this process make sure you put them up for a vote - add the current tag line and see what happens.
EDIT: P.S.S. read some more of these posts now... if the target group is big shot CIO: IMO they first decide if they will use Drupal or another CMS - for taking that decision they will have a long spreadsheet with entries, one of them "e-commerce" and Drupal will have a [X] in there - independent of your tag line. at most they will check if the most used e-commerce solution for a particular CMS has the necessary support behind to be save investment. maybe I'm wrong, but that's something you should probe.. because if it's true then you can only reach them indirectly (by growing Drupal and the Ubercart Community).

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I still like the original tag line myself, but I can also understand the desire to brand differently to accomplish marketing goals. The integration is with Drupal and the use of Ubercart for a wide variety of non-physical product / "traditional" eCommerce are two big selling points, I think.

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Tag line

I am a latecomer to this discussion.

As a real Lord of the Rings fan, having read the book numerous times, I like the 'One cart ...' BUT don't forget that the ring that was to rule them all was evil and the aim of Frodo and Samwise was to destroy it! Perhaps that's not the best connotation ...

How about this one:

Ubercart - Total Integrated eCommerce

Total - Ubercart is powerful enough, in combination with Drupal, to fill all your eCommerce needs
Integrated - with blog, forum, book, CMs etc.
eCommerce - which is what they are after, or they wouldn't be looking at Ubercart.

I am coming to Ubercart from Zen Cart, and I have a number of Zen Cart sites up and running and have been trading with them for more than 2 years. Zen Cart as an eCommerce site is fine, but it lacks the integration with the CMS, blog, etc. Ubercart with its integration with Drupal solves this and this is its real selling point. therefore the suggested tagline.


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Re: Tag line

I'm fine with the old tagline, but Willem's comment got me thinking. Let's go simple and audacious all at once.

Ubercart - Unlimited Commerce

This expresses both the boundless nature of our open source efforts and also has a pleasing alliteration.

In a humorous vein... "Tubercart, one potato to rule them all"

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Cayenne suggested 'Ubercart

Cayenne suggested

'Ubercart - Unlimited Commerce'

This is good The only thing I would add is the 'e'  

Ubercart - Unlimited eCommerce

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Will Uber become the Lord of Social Commerce?

Hi Andy,

The future of ecommerce is for it to become social. I have seen many sites like Hayneedle.com, shop.com and shinyorb that are basically affiliates for multiple stores in one site.

I found Elgg Commerce seems to have created a diy platform to create your own social commerce site. When you said above that you want to make uber the one cart to rule them all, will that include making a universal social commerce solution like the sites I mentioned.

Also, will I be able to include features like Groupon to offer coupons or discounts?

I look forward to your reply.

Many thanks,


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Hi Sagar, Ironically, I was

Hi Sagar,

Ironically, I was asked to develop a site with functionality similar to Groupon and a few others. I'm not sure which aspect you are looking for specifically, but this module does some of the functionality related to making products only available for a limited time: http://drupal.org/project/uc_lto.

There are a number of modules related to coupons, discounts, gift certificates, etc. for Ubercart. It depends on what you need specifically. In the case of a site like Groupon where a coupon/code can be purchased, I don't think there is a module that does exactly the same thing. There are a few that do similar things and you can achieve some of the functionality with existing modules. Again, it depends on what you need specifically.

For example, the Product Keys module - although geared towards a very different use case - could be used for some of the functionality, although it includes some things that might not be conducive to a similar site. (The module is geared towards software). I thought about working on another module to offer some more functionality like this. But I don't forsee the bandwidth to adapt the functionality for general release any time soon, so hopefully the above is somewhat helpful.