Ubercart Sitewatch Issue 1

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Ubercart Sitewatch Issue 1
Posted May 8th, 2007 by Ryan
Ubercart Sitewatch
Well, it's exciting to get to send out the first issue of the Ubercart Sitewatch. Not only does it give me a chance to share my enthusiasm about the budding Uber-community, but it also means our project isn't a total failure! I've got a few live sites to point you to where people have been putting Ubercart to (hopefully) profitable use. Check them out and stop by the forums to offer up your feedback!

Remember, these are live sites! Don't place orders unless you actually intend to purchase something. Do browse them for ideas and offer up your feedback in their threads in the Live Sites forum:



Highlands Latin School

One of the first sites to give the Ubercart modules a shot, HLS uses Ubercart to run a school store that sells hats, shirts, and sweatshirts to students. They've been a good sport about bugs, and continue to help us test out the latest releases.


Awards to Cherish - By: jonathanchris

Ahh, the first live Ubercart site that wasn't an in-house creation. Awards to Cherish was another testing ground and for alpha development. Jonathan was helpful in reporting bugs and letting us checkout his work in progress. The end result is a sharp looking site with a totally custom Drupal theme that uses Ubercart to sell the custom goods.


Alton Caskets - By: amymahon

A site that spawned several puns, Alton Caskets was designed to sell caskets online for a company in Ontario, Canada. Amy used Ubercart for the product catalog and has placed it nicely in a custom themed site.


Greystoke Farm, LLC - By: bwv

Greystoke Farm's site has been developed using the latest dev releases of Ubercart. They sell saddles, bridles, tack, and more. The site is based on Ubercart and incorporates a nice custom theme. Check it out to see the latest of the Ubercode in action on a live site!


Site owners, feel free to post your live sites in our forum! Also, I recommend posting about any new Drupal sites you develop in their site showcase forum as well. A little write-up on the work you've done can go a long way toward generating traffic and pagerank for your sites.

Until next time...

-The UberDudes

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