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We are a nonprofit org which can be described as "The Virtual GoodWill Industries."

We have an amazing system with over 5,000 hours invested to date so this will eventually be a project worth having your name on. The initial store and vendor approval system is up and working. What we need now is a good way to allow the following:

- customers to purchase items from multiple vendors.
- customer credit card to be placed on hold until either the shipment date of the product or the agreed date of service.
- the agreed commissions be withheld from the payments to the vendors
- the vendors to review their pending and completed orders and payments.

Amazon FPS seems to have all of these features, but for some reason the Drupal/Ubercart world is not talking about them.

Please contact me to discuss how we can make this happen. We would sign you up as one of our subcontracted developers. We wanted to post this here before using the overwhelming services like Freelance, ODesk, etc.... We have many happy present and past subcontractors who can vouch for our credibility and dependability.

The central site is, the associated store is at For an idea of what our users can auto generate and start using with no Drupal training, see

We prefer to work with people in the USA for ease of communications. We use as our project management system and all work is done on our development and live servers.