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We are interested in allowing our customers to pay using Dwolla (www.dwolla.com). This would require creating a regular payment module similar to paypal or authorize.net. We'd prefer a community module rather than a custom developed piece since we suspect that others will be interested in the same functionality. Offering a bounty of $300 for a module that is available before the end of 2011 - to be paid through Dwolla Eye-wink

Klaus Sonnenleiter

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Re: Dwolla Bounty

I'm game, is the requirement simply to have it working and up on Drupal.org before the end of the year? Any other requirements?

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I am willing to offer money for completion of this module. Is there any update on it?

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What about patch crowd funding?

@klausson, @pthurmond, @Surf New Media and others who are willing to offer some bounty Let's do it this way: you could assign a reward for fixing #1850616: Payment integration of Dwolla for Drupal Commerce module. It is reasonable, because once it gets fixed, you will have fully-functional Dwolla-Ubercart integration thanks to Payment module. What about patch crowd funding? Here is a link to contribute a bounty: http://www.freedomsponsors.org/core/issue/304/payment-integration. Please note that "Sponsoring the issue" means just a promise to pay once the issue gets fixed. So there is no additional obligations for a sponsor except relations based on trust.