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Project Objective:
To introduct the concept of picking up in the checkout process,
so that based on rules, different shipping destination will have different shipping methods and payment methods.

Every checkout step will be processed in a separate page

For more details, please visit:


Project Specification:
To customize the Ubercart or commerce module in drupal,
while other orginal features of the above-mentioned modules can still function properly.

Any other ideas are also welcomed.

Project Requirement:
Experience in building successful ecommerce websites. Specific experience with Ubercart or commerce module.
Hand coding PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript when custom solutions are needed.
Proficient in PHP, MYSQL and Javascript, Ajax
Experienced with Drupal 6.x or Drupal 7

If any one is interested in this job, please shoot me an email via or skype me via Lau.andy5