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We're looking for someone to update and customize the USPS shipping for our store. We're not sure how much is appropriate to pay for this work, so please be prepared to discuss . Please respond to this post or call us at +1-916-570-3839 Pacific Time (GMT -8).

Customize USPS Shipping Prices

We use discounted prices when shipping our main product, textbooks. Everything is discounted by the amount of USPS Media Mail. So, if Media Mail costs us $3.50 and Priority Mail costs us $10.00, we'll charge the customer $0.00 for Media Mail or $6.50 for Priority Mail. This requires some custom programming.

Add USPS Regional Rate Boxes

The USPS has Regional Rate Box shipping, and we use it. Ubercart doesn't. Add it.

Assist Configuration

We have a moderately complex system for who gets which shipping options. For instance, only international retail customers get USPS Flat Rate Envelopes. Only domestic wholesale customers get FedEx. Help us configure all this.

Documentation and Training

I am an experienced programmer, but not not familiar with Drupal. I will be maintaining the site in the future. Provide me with documentation and training on your work so that I can add features myself, keep it it working as Ubercart, the USPS module, and/or Drupal get updated.