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I want to use as payment gateway on my Ubercart store but there is no module already available.

Can you tell me if it seems difficult and where I could find someone to make this module for me ?

Thank you for your help.

Details found on ThaiEpay website:

System Connection
All of details, parameter values, and url regarding how to connect THAIEPAY system with your website are provided as follows.

Parameter Values
To connect THAIEPAY system with your website can be integrated easily by sending parameter values in POST style. You can send parameter values in HTML, scripts ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, or another programming language to THAIEPAY at this URL.

Parameter Name Type Length Detail
merchantid int 8 8 digits of merchant identity
refno int 10 Reference number of each order (The number should not be repeated)
customeremail string 100 E-mail address of the buyer or cardholder
productdetail string 255 Details of the product or service
total decimal 10 Amount deducted from the credit card (not over 9,999,999 Baht)
lang (optional) string 2 Language displayed in the payment page
cc (optional) string 2 Currency of the payment
postbackurl (optional) string 500 The Url which you want to receive the parameter values after the payment “Completed” (Background Process).

For example:
For more settings, please go to menu 'Return Parameter'
returnurl (optional) string 500 The Url which you want to redirect to your website after the payment “Completed” (Foreground Process).