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Please provide me a quote and lead time.

Requirements for Ubercart LTL Freight Module

Must work with Drupal 7.x and Ubercart 3.x. This module will integrate into Ubercart like any other shipping module does. It should appear under shipping methods in the store admin menu where it could be enabled or disabled. It needs to allow markup by %,$, or multiplier like the UPS module. Module should return an ID number for the quote that will show on order view tab for store administrators. It must not hack core or Ubercart to allow an upgrade path for future releases. Module needs to meet Drupal coding standards.

Existing functionality: Ubercart already adjusts the total weight of the product based on user selected attributes. The total correct weight of the product with attributes is what is being reported to the existing shipping modules. UPS and FedEx shipping modules already exist for Ubercart.

Needs to return lowest LTL quote from a multi-carrier online quote system either or (unishippers preferred)

Must integrate into cart/checkout process and return freight quote for products that are to large to ship with parcel companies like UPS, FedEx. Must determine which type of shipping method will be used.
If product exceeds weight or length/girth restrictions for parcel shipment then it would have to be quoted with LTL freight module. If one item on order can’t ship by ups/fedex then all items in cart would be quoted by LTL freight module. If all items in cart can ship by ups/fedex then allow existing UPS module to quote them instead.

The preceding requirement might be able to be met by adding conditional rules to the shipping quotes methods tab in store configuration using the rules module?

If LTL freight module is used to generate quote then shipping checkout pane will display checkboxes to determine accessorial charges. Specifically we need business or residence,loading dock, inside delivery, lift gate requested, and any others that are need for quoting.
We would also need a lightbox style popup to explain freight terms/choices. The goal is to make checkout so quick and easy they wouldn’t need to leave the checkout pane. If the freight module is not needed then the checkout pane would display the normal options of the other shipping method UPS.

I have the Unishippers API documentation and code examples. I also have the API Documentation.