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We are in need of a Drupal module that integrates Interswitch's (an online payment processor) Webpay with Ubercart.

The website is for ordering books and the checkout form should contain both billing and delivery information. The order details should be persisted prior to redirecting to Interswitch's website. The user should be redirected to the website with a payment status after the payment is completed. Payment details with a response code (from Interswitch) should be logged on the completion of payment with referential integrity maintained with the transaction id.

Also an email is sent to the buyer and site owner with the form details and payment status.

Interswitch has integration documentation for Webpay at

We are looking at outsourcing this Drupal module development, and would like to receive proposals/feedback from community members capable developing this for a fee.

All enquiries or proposals should be sent directly to