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I have a wine business and can only sell wine online to specific states. I have looked around for modules and nothing exists out there for being able to select which states I would like to ship to. I have the following modules:

Ubercart 3
UC Address 1

I would like a finished module that allows me to only show addresses for specific product classes. I think the cleanest way would be to do this via Rules but I am open to whatever. Functionality would work like this:

User can select any state they want for billing address

User can select any state they want for delivery address, except when they enter the checkout page and have a specific product class in their cart. If they have a specific product class in their cart, they are restricted to only specific states.

For example, if a user has a gift card in their shopping cart, they can have that delivered anywhere. But if they have a bottle of wine in their shopping cart, then they can only select New York State.

Please PM me a quote for this job.

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Re: Restrict Shipping to Specific States

I guess you could add a cck field to the product node listing each state and then elect the states that aredisallowed for the product then use rules to check if the shipping state matches the restricted state(s) for the product and then throw a message to the user the remove the offending products.

You could also set up the catalog view to filter per state and only show products that are shippable to the selected state.

These methods probably wouldn't need any custom programming but are not that graceful or user friendly.

Also found this module https://drupal.org/project/uc_restrictions