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I am interested in getting Quickbooks to share inventory, be used as a payment gateway etc with Ubercart in Drupal 6.x. There is already a Quickbooks API and UC_QB module so it may just be an issue of upgrading it to drupal 6. If anyone knows about these modules or are familiar with this situation please feel free to contribute. I am taking quotes @ trimpton @ gmail.com


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I would be interested in doing this for you.


I believe I already sent you an email about this, but I'm not sure if you got it, or if I got a response.

I would be interested in implementing this for you. I really have no idea what's involved or how long it would take, but I assume it would be a 2-3 day project.

If you would like to fund the development for this project, I would be willing to integrate Quickbooks 2009 into Ubercart 2.x and Drupal 6 for a fee of $300 USD, with a $100 deposit and will accept bonuses after a job well done Laughing out loud

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Re: I would be interested in doing this for you.

Is this offer still valid. If so i will reply with more information so we can get a proper quote. Then see if we want to move on.

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status of this bounty on QB?


Any movement on this integration? I have to implement this for a client as well, would be willing to co-work on this if its is in progress


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I'm also interested.

We could kick some funding... but I'm also a Drupal dev, so can help as well. At the very least I'm willing to test, etc.

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also interested

I have a customer who has interest in this as well. Is there any progress?

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Re: also interested

Have you guys looked at

They have a package for Ubercart - Desktop Quickbooks.

I have not personally used it, but I have heard great things,

There is a demo available.

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There's also T-Hub. An integration between T-Hub would allow you to support multiple versions of Quickbooks.

From my brief research you export data to T-Hub in CSV or XML, which wouldn't be too hard in a custom module. Then T-Hub deals with the Quickbooks side of things.


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Drupal + Quickbooks

How hard and also how much it would cost to connect Quickbooks with drupal ecommerce (ubercart) site? I guess there is no module for that yet, but is it possible to sync products with quicbooks, quantities and process web orders straight thru quickbooks? Is there any integration for that?


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Another FREE drupal module for Ubercart QuickBooks Integration

I know it is old post, but we just excited to announce we have a solution now!

Ubercart QuickBooks Integration Solution, it works with ubercart and QuickBooks API module to synchronize Ubercart orders to QuickBooks


give it a try, please leave some feedback