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First I want to say that I am a novice with php databases and that sort of thing.

The Problem:
The product image will not upload. I can create a new product with no trouble, but the image field can not upload. I believe it's a universal problem because when I try attaching any file throughout the website it doesn't seem to work either.

background information:

I created a website called a year or so ago using drupal 6.17 with ubercart installed on it. I then had pointing to it and everything was functioning properly.

The website owners did not want to renew the domain for so I let that domain expire. I was assured by godaddy that this would not be a problem (a few links were dead that were using the former websites url, otherwise I noticed no problems). I am using godaddy's multiple domain services to host a few websites. Because we wanted to process credit cards so we added a SSL certificate to the website. This caused a few problems because is not the main hosting website. The ssl effected the ip address of the main website and I believe this screwed up some of the .htaccess files because in order to solve another problem we had to delete the file (we had a problem with a domain name not pointing the index.html file)

I'm not sure when the problem occurred. I can only think of three things that may have effected the "Product image field" problem.
1. The database for cordonpublications could still be using and not communicated correctly to the database.
2. some kind of conflict with the htaccess file.
3. I had gone over my database limit of 2000mb (I was over run by Spam on a unmonitored messageboard)

I really can't seem to solve the problem on my own and I don't want to set up everything again. Any help would be appreciated.