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...The first guidelines on the content of the films were developed by the industry itself. In ...., the manufacturers and distributors of American films (MPPDA) review a production code to the scripts and films. Projects that it is not the code has been revised, reduced, or produced by independent studios and risky in separate rooms. All this has been on internal financial penalties as high as applied $ ..,....
It contributes to the long-term success of the films in this period. He forced all to do, with less explicit words and deeds and with the management, eye contact, camera angles and emotions. The films can not celebrate the destruction of property or life. You must have a literary and artistic value, or at least not against these standards.
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All that ended in ...., when opened at the request of the Roosevelt administration and disgruntled independent theaters, the Federal Trade Commission investigation. The government has five studies, the most important in the case (Paramount, Loew's, RKO, Warner and Century Fox), conspiracy to restrain trade and monopolize the film industry (despite a lower production half of all films) indicted accused.
put on hold during the war, the persecution in ...., was resumed. The government complains that the theater, the monopoly of the career in research costs of the best films initially on long-term contracts with agents and employees who have monopolized the best talent, and to impose the code that discriminated unfairly against independent producers.

After a comprehensive survey and a desperate effort by the industry of counterfeit these costs for the restructuring of chance, only put the third charge. In ...., the Supreme Court had seven studies concerning their theaters. Inorth face outlet
n ...., the last of the divestitures are completed. The government expropriated property industry studies and broke his wonderful creation.
Back to the history of cinema, it is clear that the government's action marked the golden era of New Hollywood. Films in general not the same since. In a final manufacturing and control, profitability, and could not apply the code or standards of quality. Why nostalgia for the pre-.... films is still high.
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After the decision of the court, everyone saysnorth face
that the quality, consistency and availability of films that rise and fall of prices. Quite the opposite happened. In ...., the number of films produced fell by .. percent. More than .,... rooms (.. percent of the total population) has closed its doors.
More than half of the remaining unable to make a profit. They could not afford to rent and view the best movies and most expensive, most likely to compete with television.

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