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I am currently using the Ubercart module for Drupal 7 and am running into a small problem. When making options for an attribute everything goes smoothly and as it should. I then go to my product to make sure everything is viewing as it should however the options for my attribute is generating and error. My attribute label shows up as well as the select box that should have a list with all the options in it, but none of the option labels are showing up. I look at the code and find this.

{ = <
} = >

{option value="8"} {/option}
{option value="9"} {/option}
{option value="10"} {/option}
{option value="11"} {/option}
{option value="12"} {/option}
{option value="13"} {/option}

For some reason my options are not pulling from the database. And yes I did check the database to see if they actually are in there. If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated.