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In uc_stock, does anyone know where the trigger is to increment or decrement stock if the order qty changes?

I am working to modify the uc_stock module to allow for stock that is kept in bulk weight instead of just units. For example, on our website we sell grass seed which is stored by the pound in the warehouse. When an order comes in, we use the product weight to go measure out how much seed is needed to fill the order. And so, the lbs that were used to fill the order should be removed from stock.

I have uc_stock looking to the product weight to update stock but I am having trouble finding where the trigger is to increment/decrement stock if the qty changes. I need to modify that to increment/decrement if qty or weight changes on an order.

Also, I'd like to contribute this as a module for ubercart but I've never done that before so any tips would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any help.