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I would like to develop a module which will take trade in product.

I wish to add a new 'Trade In Cart table' in the cart view page. I use hook_page_alter to add in the new table.

I realize that the original uc_cart_view_table is rendered with Tapir. However, the method used in function 'uc_cart_view_table' is very different from the Tapir tutorial:

The tutorials I could find for Tapir were all out dated. I can't see anything as a working example of how to render a 'uc_cart' like form with Tapir in durpal 7.

Can someone point me to an totorial/ example of how to work with Tapir in Drupal 7?

I am working with uc 7.x-3.0-rc3. using drupal 7.x. Thank you very much.