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Hi all,

I am using uc_ajax_cart module for my website which means I have a ajaxified cart. Now I need to display a quantity box in the ajax cart block. I have modified the file uc_ajax_cart_block_content.tpl.php and added a input box for the quantity field.

Now I need to update the cart when the value is increased or decreased accordingly. I want the same functionality which is on the cart page. You change the quantity and the cart is updated.
I checked the cart page and found that there is form for the whole block. But I didn't see any form on the ajax mini cart block.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Need quantity boxes with different product attributes

I am using ubercart 3.5 with Drupal 7. I have products like T-shirt and it has different sizes like M,XL, XXL etc. I need that when user going to purchase T-Shirt then they can given the different quantity for different sizes in quantity text boxes and main Qty box is not needed. Currently I have not found any such functionality in ubercart which can fulfill my need. Any help is appreciated in advance.