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Hi All;

I am work on Ubercart and I need your help

My requirement is I use ubercart for selling images. so my product is Images.

Ok once I create a product ( upload an image ) product perfectly create fine. so once I go to check out I check out that created product and and I perches it. then I got a mail ,
"hei your check out is done, here this is the link go and get your product Smiling "

So then I can get a Link and through this link I can get my Image

for this process I should give manually the correct image path to "Feature" ('"Feature function comes with ubercart file downloard module ").

but My requirement is make this process to happen automatically. I mean once I creating a product (Uploading a Image ), That image saved link ( path of uploading image ) also updated to the its Feature.

How I do that..?
I am so confused and it is quiet hard to me.
Friends please help me to get this done.

Thank you
Umanda Jayobandara

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Re: How to poupulate and add product download link automatically