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After the checkout and payment paypal giving the following error.

"We are sorry, we are experiencing temporary difficulties. Please try again later. If this error occurred while making a payment, avoid duplicate payments by checking your Account Overview before resending a payment.

For some browsers, this problem can be resolved by clearing or deleting cookies.

Message 3514"

I have deleted the browser cookies and checked in chrome,Firefox, IE. Still problem is there.

Paypal is sending the order message to my business account email id. And my ubercart drupal order status updated to "payapl pending" status.

Can anyone help me with this problem?


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Re: Paypal Website standard payment giving message 3514 error

This indicates that Ubercart successfully made the request for payment, but Paypal hasn't been able to complete the transaction and confirm it to Ubercart.

You need to contact PayPal and ask them what is going on. You might also enable assorted debugging/troubleshooting messages.