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I have a product class called gift-certificate. On the product page it shows the different gift certificate amount options as follows:

200€, +200.00€
500€, +500.00€
700€, +700.00€
1000€, +1,000.00€
1500€, +1,500.00€

What I want to do, is remove the ", +####€" part from each line, for example from the first line I want to remove ", +200.00€", so that the first line only writes "200€" etc.

I've found that I can hard edit the file to accomplish this, but I don't want to do that. On another forum post ( someone hinted on selecting the "Do not display price adjustment" radio button at admin/store/settings/attributes. But I can't find that option anywhere.

The thing is, that I only want to remove the extra stuff for gift-certificate product class and not on the other product classes.

Is it possible to somehow accomplish this by creating a template file for gift-certificate content type?