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Here's the scenario. I have an external database that holds all of the product information (title, description, pricing, etc.). I've already got the connection to this database set up. I want to be able to dynamically load all that information whenever the store catalog is loaded. Then I want Ubercart to handle everything else. Once the order is completed (i.e. payment received via PayPal) I want to be able to push the order information back to the external database.

Being relatively new with Drupal module development and having no experience with Ubercart, my problem is I don't know which "hooks" I should implement to get the functionality that I'm seeking. I've been reading pages and pages of documentation, forum posts, and such but still haven't been able to determine what I need.

Can anyone help me determine which hooks I need to implement to do what I'm trying to accomplish? Any example code or function definitions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help.