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I am planning to use Drupal and Ubercart for our website where students can select a course and pay online. So, I think that this can be achieved by having the Webform module, and Ubercart. Then each course becomes a product. I have read all the documentation on Ubercart website to get a better understanding of how this module works.

Basically, I do not need a catalog, and I don't think that we want a shopping cart page. I just want that students select the course, and then they can pay right away online, may be by using PayPal Website Payments Pro.

Is it possible not to have the shopping cart page?
And how do I change "Add to Cart" to the word "Register"?

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Demo Site

The demo site has this kind of set up with registering for conferences. Have a look how that is done and what modules they are using and you should be able to replicate fairly easily.