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putting the final touches to a client site which has some simple ( read still learning ) Ubercart hooks to potentially sell one or two items.

The client however wishes to interrogate the UC tables, specifically orders, so they can extract data for their other back end processes.

I realise this could be acheived with export bolt ons, views etc.. but interrogation and export is what they are looking for.

So.... does a document exist showing the schema of UC tables ( OK I could go into mySQL and export structures ) and also the proccess flow, i.e. enter a product and such and such a table is updated... enter an order and such and such table is updated.

Browsed through the DOCs but couldn't find anything I was looking for.


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getting to the data

You can of course create a feed if you require and pass it through the services module from views to send the data to other sources. For a schema there is no schema diagram/entity relation diagram for ubercart (that I have found in1 years worth of looking) however the schema API gives detail lists of how th db is put together. Alternatively you could use the backup and migrate modules to send data to other places or import data.