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This question relates to this thread and documentation:

I posted essentially the same question on the thread above, but it seemed this might be a better place to ask a question and to comment on the documentation.

I need to simply sell eBooks using Paypal Payments Standard. The PayPal payments go through. The permissions are correct. I've followed the tutorial.

The tutorial at only takes you so far, then it says:

"At this point, any customers that purchase the product should have a file download granted once their order goes into the status you have specified. From here it is up to you to set up a conditional action that will move the order into the correct status once a customer has paid, and then to notify the customer where they can go to download the file they've purchased. "

For me this is not entirely clear. Instead of stopping there, why not show the rest of these steps so that the tutorial is complete?

It says "the product should have a file download granted once their order goes into the status you have specified" --well, where does one specify this order status? There is no place in the features tab to specify the status the order should be at in order to download the file.

There is also no choice in the dropdown selections in either predicates or actions that allows you to specify anything to relate or connect the order status to the file download availability. Nowhere is accessing the file download an option.

There is no selection in Triggers that provides for a completed sale, so that one can tell it to do x (such as make the file download available) when the sale is complete. Under Actions, there is no "File Download Access is Granted" or some other logical choice.

In Triggers, the only conditions that seem relevant are under Payment, which provides "Payment Gets Updated for an Order" and under Order, what has "Order Status Gets Updated." But how does each of these work in relationship to each other and to the goal of allowing someone to download a file after making a payment? Does one have to chain a series of conditions and actions to get to that point? What would this sequence be?

Is there some place on this site that explains all of these Triggers and Actions and when they happen and how they are related more clearly, or does one have to spend a lot of time with trial and error until they figure it out?

If someone could help me figure this out, or point me in the right direction, I'd be happy to expand on this and other tutorials, but I need to get over the hump of understanding this one.