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In an attempt to provide users with a handy document of server recommendations, module dependencies, and installation instructions, I compiled the following PDF. I'm posting it up for review. Let me know if I left anything out that would be helpful to mention.


Ubercart Installation Cheat Sheet.pdf54.4 KB
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Re: Installation Cheat Sheet

I think it's great. Now to make sure everyone sees it and reads it first!

When people first install Ubercart, they have no idea what all the modules do and what features they will want. So, telling them to enable any optional modules they need is a little confusing - how do they know which ones they'll need? I think this has been part of the complaint about the installation process - you have to do too much research before you install. So one thing I would recommend is to just TELL them what to install, and make the list cover as much as possible. If they don't need those features, they can uninstall them when they learn more, but it's best to start out with a feature-complete install so you won't be continually dealing with questions like "how do I add images to my products" etc.

Perhaps a choice of "full install", "minimal install", and "custom install" like you frequently see with Windows install wizards. "Full install" would be the default, the other two would be for more knowledgeable users. Taking it further, you could even have install profiles for various types of stores, so for example a T-shirt shop would have a set of modules, a mp3 download store would have a different set, etc. What would be great is if, in exchange for the free publicity, all the Live Sites postings were *required* to enter the modules they used, then this information would be available and displayed with the thread to serve as documentation and examples for everyone.

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Re: Installation Cheat Sheet

Ryan, I like what you've put together there. If you can make a quick guide link that pops out at new users looking to install Ubercart for the first time, it should help to limit the amount of people who get confused and discouraged.

One thing I noticed on the pdf was that all of the Ubercart links were taking me to page cannot be found, and the FAQ link was taking me to an access denied page.

I like TR's idea of forming installation profiles of sorts too. People often ask questions like, I want to setup a store that allows file downloads, sells t-shirts, or allows custom text on a product. Installation profiles might be nicely supplemented by recipes as well...now who feels like writing up some documentation?

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Re: Re: Installation Cheat Sheet

Fixed the links... apparently my install instructions were overwritten resulting in some of the bad links. Sad For others, it was just OpenOffice.org weirdness. Smiling

Attached an update version to the first post. Also, I created a forum here for Installation Profiles, as I agree they need to happen. I'd love to see them brainstormed and planned here and then put up on Drupal.org as actual installation profile projects. After that, let's keep them in the Drupal community and move forward from there.

Perhaps we can put together a resources post to make sticky in the forum once the idea picks up steam. Sticking out tongue

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Installation Cheat Sheet update required?

Hi, Ryan!First, I am not sure if this is the right place to write.However, please feel free to advise, if you think this should be a new forum post/doc project or whatever..I am all new here :)I am talking about the newest version of the sheet that has a section for Drupal 6.I noticed a difference here between three places of documentation, regarding installation dependencies and recommended modules.

Now I think the sheet should contain the following:Module Dependencies

  1. token
  2. CCK Content
  3. imageapi
  4. imagecache
  5. imagefield
  6. thickbox [or] lightbox2 [or] Colorbox
  7. (unlike the sheet mentions only thickbox)
  8. filefield
  9. getid3

Recommended Modules:

  1. google_analytics
  3. and maybe also: captcha