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I hope I picked the right forum for this. I'm looking for some advice on UC approach for a specific functional scenario. We are building a language learning site that provides language learning materials on the site and allows users with accounts to purchase "credits" which can then be exchanged for admittance to a live language lesson session with an instructor. Once the lesson session is concluded (they are generally one-hour scheduled events), the credit would be removed or marked "used" in the customer's account.

I was looking at UC Store Credit for this, but it it unclear to me how we could set up to have customers purchase store credits. (We currently have the credits set up as non-shippable products that can be purchased via CC or PayPal.) So I thought I would ask to see if anyone has some ideas on best appraoch for this, or for potentially using other UC sub modules.


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Re: Selling Store Credit

I think you'll want to look at user_points and uc_user_points as well, for other store credit options.