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Hoping that somebody can point me to a fix for this issue.

A week or more ago something seems to have changed with Paypal and now my Ubercart site doesn't receive Transaction IDs or notifications anymore, even though payments are made by buyers and both of us receive email notifications from Paypal.

The effect of this is that the orders remain as Pending status because Ubercart thinks the amount due for payment is still outstanding. I'm forced to manually update the status of each order to Payement Received and then Completed to trigger notification emails with download links (I'm selling download files).

I've noticed on the Paypal forums that there was some change made by Paypal late in August which had a devastating effect on sites reliant on Paypal IPNs to trigger status changes.

But according to any Ubercart doco that I have found on these forums, Ubercart isn't supposed to require IPN to work. In search of a fix, I went through my Paypal settings (on my Paypal profile) and enabled Payment Data Transfer today. Then I received this email from them:

"This email is to inform you that you have successfully enabled Payment Data Transfer.
PDT's primary function is to display payment transaction details to buyers when they are redirected back to your site upon payment completion. However, there are cases, such as with pending transactions, where you won't receive notification of all transactions. For this reason, PayPal strongly recommends that you also enable Instant Payment Notification (IPN). "\

So do I need to do this as well?
Has anyone else been having issues with orders suddenly not updating status from Pending with Amount Due still showing no payments received?

Hoping someone can help.


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Same Issue

I'm in the same boat - I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to enable IPN, but recently PayPal orders have not been updating. While I'm not selling digital downloads, my clients are still (rightfully) frustrated by this. Anyone have any ideas?

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IPN and Paypal

I've been struggling with this issue for several weeks now with next to no help at all from any of the Ubercart developers. I cannot believe that I am the only Ubercart 2.4 user out there trying to sell digital files that is having this issue. Yet there seems to be no action or updates or patches being supplied.

I got involved with Ubercart because I was told it had a very supportive user community. But I'm only seeing other people complaining about the same issue not getting fixed.

Can one of the developers please look into this issue and tell us what we can do to work around it? I have to manually update the payment status of each and every order before my clients can download files. And I have to sleep at least sometime.

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Orders in Pending, not processing

Seems I have the same problem!
About a week ago my site farango.com stopped getting info back from Paypal so all the orders stay in pending.

The site was on Drupal 5 and Ubercart 1 but I upgraded the whole site yesterday.
The site was down 7 hours as its hosted in China and I'm in the UK.
It's now Drupal 6 and Ubercart 1 and everything is up-to-date.

Paypal is a China account (looks the same as the UK) but has been working for about 2 years.
Still has the same problem.

Anyone out there can you help?


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Working again!

My Ubercart site seems to be working fine again, with orders moving automatically through the status chain to Completed. I'm very grateful. Not that I have a large volume of sales (only one or two per day) but it is always a pain having to manually change the statuses just so that customers can download the files they've paid for.

I'm not sure what changed. I didn't get any notification from Paypal or Ubercart that some change had been implemented.

One thing I'm wondering about is that I found the email address I had down in Paypal differed from the one I had set up in Ubercart settings. The email was only an alias, so technically it should have worked. But my site started working again after I changed this. So it may be significant, or just coincidence. I don't know, but I'm so happy I don't really care!

So my advice to others in this boat is: Go back and check all of your settings at both ends (Ubercart and Paypal). Look for any inconsistencies. Maybe the fault is your own in the way you've got it set up.

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Re: Paypal payment notifications not being received by Ubercart

We just got bit by IPN notifications failing, and it turned out to be a two-fold issue.

1. PayPal will respond with the primary email in the IPN post back to UC, so if your uc_paypal_wps_email email account in your settings is not set to the primary, you'll get a failed match.

2. We also ran into an incorrect POST value being checked - this might be a change in the PayPal API, not sure - but in uc_paypal.pages.inc where the email comparison is being made, the wrong POST value was being checked - UC was looking for $_POST['business'] and the actual value was passed as $_POST['receiver_email'] - patch attached for UC 6.x-2.x-dev from March 1, 2011.

ubercart-2.x-dev-paypal_ipn_email.patch 672 bytes