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Hi, I'm setting up a new small site where I'm going to be selling items in different quantity sizes by weight.

Currently I have this set up so each product can be bought in multiples of 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg, using an Amount attribute. (Normally only the 1kg option would be used to buy more than one, but that's by the by). The attributes mean that I have a price adjustment and weight listed for each option. The product has one SKU and I have set a stock level for the product.

Is it possible for the weight in grams to be used as the amount of stock that the person is buying? So if someone buys 250g, this is subtracted from the total stock level of that product? Currently, I can't set how much stock the attribute options represent.

I have spent some time reading all the threads I can find about stock control for UC, and I'm planning to have a look at http://drupal.org/project/uc_out_of_stock this weekend, but I need a sanity check - do I have things set up the right way to begin with?

In the end, I'd ideally like stock control so that if there is less than 1kg left, for example, the customer can't choose the 1kg option, but I'd like to at least get the stock level decremented properly first!

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Have you figured out how to do this?

I have the same situation and was wondering if you ever found out how to do this?