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Is drupal 7 and ubercart ready for a live ecommerce web site store (production) or are their to many issues.

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Ubercart 3.0 Beta 3 is being used in quite a few live sites, but our official line is wait for RC1. We do expect RC1 to be our next release, and it is scheduled for September, if you can wait.

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I want to start new project and stuck without idea what version to use.
I have huge expirience with D6, and also one project (module developement) for D7. It looks like D7 slower, have bigger memory consumption and also have a lack of documentation by the moment. I don't need new CCK, Views and other - looks like I'll coding all features needed as modules.
Is D7 have sweet parts now, or better way is develop project under D6? What way you choose for yourself, and why?

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Re: hi

I went ahead and started a site for a client using D7/UC3. At first I wasn't sure what to expect but so far its working out good (still developing). I'm actually thining of switching my site which still isn't live to D7/UC3 from what I learned from this client site. Here's a rough draft. This is a wholesale site so anynymous users wont' see pricing ingo and only see MSRP pricing. http://maximumgrowth.ca