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Hello All,

I am developing a website and I need help implementing one of the last features. The website is mainly a static website with information but also has a small online shop (built using Ubercart).

The way the online shop works presently is a customer buys a 30 or 60 minute lesson. Once payment is received a physical Voucher is posted to the customer detailing who its for, when the voucher was purchased, when it expires etc.
This costs us money and it would be nice to get rid of this cost.

What would be fantastic is when the customer buys the lesson an Email is sent to the customer and either the Email is the voucher itself or attached to the Email is the voucher as a .pdf file.

Is something like this possible?

If not, is there a way to generate a voucher(with a unique voucher number) and then we would send it by email ourselves?

Thanks in advance,

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look for inspiration here

I'm in the process of modifying this method of event ticketing to accomplish what you are talking about. A barcode scanner can be purchased for around $25.